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Study Abroad Opportunities

INFX 499 or MGMT 460 or HMGT 416 – Management Information Systems of Italy

Using the Tuscan region as a backdrop, students will learn about information systems and technologies and how these are used in business around Italy. How do restaurants handle sales, or how do hotels book rooms or provide Wi-Fi for guests? In what manner do store owners use technology to make decisions about how many items to order and what price to set for sell? How does a museum create a website for the public or how is a database used for inventory of items for any of these businesses. We will answer all of these questions by creating websites, using decision support systems, creating databases, working on mobile apps, and much more.

INFX 499 or MGMT 460 or HUMN 400 - Technology and Society: An Italian Perspective

In the seventeenth century Galileo proved that the Earth was not the center of the Universe and that change the way the world viewed mathematics and computing. While students explore Italy we will also explore the contributions of that nation and its citizens to technology and computing. We will be able to see firsthand the Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine, discuss Marconi’s radio waves that are the bedrock of Wi-Fi. We will talk about more modern discoveries such as Alessandro Volta’s invention of the battery cell and Federico Faggin’s first design of the microprocessor and how all of these contributions help to create our computers, tablets, phones and the how we use all of these devices to communicate.

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