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About Us

The School of Computing and Informatics offers six degree programs among three academic units: the Center for Advanced Computer Studies, Computer Science program, and Informatics program. We have 30 faculty members with teaching and research expertise in all major branches of computer science, computer engineering, and informatics.

You can choose from a diverse set of courses every semester and have access to state-of-the-art facilities in James R. Oliver Hall, the newest academic building on UL Lafayette’s campus. Our school has strong relationships with local and national technology companies that actively seek out our graduates for internships and careers.

As of Fall 2014 the School of Computing and Informatics have 531 undergraduates and 205 graduate students. On average, there are approximately 35 students per semester graduating in either computer science or informatics, and roughly 20 graduating per semester with either a masters or doctoral degree.

At the School of Computing and Informatics at UL Lafayette, we work with industry in designing and implementing computer-based hardware and software solutions to data, computation, and telecommunication issues. We have diverse interests that all work together in research to improve the quality of health for South Louisiana.

For more information visit the Computing and Informatics webpage, send an email to, or telephone 337-482-6768.

The Center for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS)

The mission of CACS at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is to provide quality, cutting-edge educational experiences to computing majors at the Master's and Ph.D. levels. The Center aims to provide students with strong conceptual foundations (theoretical and experimental), and also expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing. Recognizing the applicability of computing to all fields of knowledge and practice, the Center will provide a variety of degrees and programs at each of the degree levels, and will cooperate with other units of the University to provide interdisciplinary degree programs.

CACS is the research arm of the School of Computing and Informatics that supports graduate education at the master’s and doctoral levels. CACS is responsible for conducting world-class research supported by outside grants. Our students, particularly at the doctoral level, are engaged in all stages of research. CACS offers graduate level courses in computation, computer architecture, algorithms, cybersecurity, and more.

For more information visit the CACS webpage, send an email to, or telephone 337-482-6768.

Master of Science in Informatics

The School of Computing and Informatics offers the state's only Master of Science in Informatics.

Computer Science Undergraduate Program

We're known for being the first — for seeing the possibilities in computer science and creating a program that is above the rest.

UL Lafayette has a rich history in the fields of computer science and computer engineering. We established the first Association for Computing Machinery student chapter in the country, initiated the first computer science master's program in the nation as well as the first Ph.D. program in the state. Computer science is one of our strongest programs, and we're happy that you are interested in being a part of it.

Our undergraduate program has been accredited by CSAB and now ABET since 1987. This ensures that our curriculum, faculty and facilities are nationally competitive. We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with concentration areas in video game design and development, cognitive science, computer engineering, information technology, and scientific computing. Major courses are taught by computer science faculty with M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. In addition to regular courses, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to work on independent projects with faculty in more specialized areas, such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, database design, and human-computer interaction, as well as apply for internships in industry.

Our focus is on undergraduate education. Today we have more than 400 undergraduate majors. Our ACM alpha chapter is alive and well; it is involved in social and educational activities, including competing in programming contests, Starcraft AI, and training in computer and network security. We also have an active IEEE Computer Science chapter. The department also hosts the annual Louisiana Computer Programming Classic (LCPC) which is a programming contest for high school students.

For more information visit the Computer Science webpage, send an email to, or telephone 337-482-6768.

Informatics Undergraduate Program

The Informatics Program offers the B.S. degree in informatics, with concentrations in business informatics, health informatics, media technology, systems administration, and web development. The Program also offers an individualized concentration, which is intended to support the education of Informatics students whose professional and personal interests go beyond what is offered by way of the other concentrations.

The School of Computing and Informatics has partnerships with more than 20 companies (visit our webpage for details). Several key technology companies recently have chosen to locate and/or establish facilities in Louisiana; these companies are: IBM, CenturyLink, CGI, Enquero, and Perficient (visit our webpage for details). In addition to the expected several thousand jobs created by these technology companies, so-called non-technology companies, e.g., Bell Helicopter, Benteler, ConAgra Foods, and others, also require computer and information technology solutions, which are developed and deployed by Informatics professionals.

For more information visit the Informatics webpage, send an email to, or telephone 337-482-6768.