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The Center for Advanced Computer Studies offers fifty to sixty teaching and research assistantships. Any student in the program is eligible to apply. Assistantships are highly competitive and there are many more applicants than openings.

If you are applying for admission to any of the CACS programs, you can check a box on the application to be considered for an assistantship. If you are a continuing student already in the program but not on assistantship, you can apply for an assistantship for the following semester. You obtain an assistantship application from Ms. Nancy Franks on the third floor. The application deadline is November 1 when applying for the spring semester, and March 1 when applying for the fall semester.

For CACS teaching assistantships, a student in the masters program can obtain a maximum of three semesters of assistantship funding and a student in the doctoral program can obtain a maximum of six to eight semesters of funding. There is no limit on funding duration for students on research assistantships offered by individual faculty.