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Informatics Minor

Informatics is the bridge between the worlds of technology and business. With a minor in informatics, you'll get the knowledge and experience to understand information systems and computing technologies — skills that are vital to every business today and in the future. You'll learn to design, to maintain, and to adapt information systems for problem solving while considering the needs of your users.

We'll teach you how informatics and applied computing relate to other types of computing; data networking and computer architecture at a higher level than basic IT; and how to design user-friendly interfaces on and off the Web. You'll also work with other computing professionals to design processes and solutions that incorporate both hardware and software technology to address real-world problems.


You're required to take four core courses in informatics fundamentals, human-computer interaction, IT infrastructure, and information management, plus two additional courses, depending on which "block" you choose. All courses are three credit hours. Those four core courses are:

  • INFX 101 Fundamentals of Informatics
  • INFX 210 Human-Computer Interaction
  • INFX 240 Information Technology Infrastructure
  • INFX 330 Information Management

Block 1

Block 1 covers systems integration and architecture, as well as business process analysis and design. Both courses focus on systems and process thinking, which is necessary for the overall design of an IT architecture for any organization, regardless of industry or market. Those courses are:

  • INFX 380 Systems Integration and Architecture, and
  • INFX 481 Business Process Analysis and Design

Block 2

Block 2 requires a course in information assurance and security, and a choice between a course in systems administration or a course in Web systems and technologies. This block is more technical than block 1, and is intended to show you some of the less-understood areas of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Web. Those courses are:

  • INFX 320 Information Assurance and Security, and
  • Either: (a) INFX 450 Systems Administration and Maintenance; or (b) INFX 470 Web Systems and Technologies

Download a PDF of the informatics minor curriculum.

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