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Congratulations to Dr. Arun Kulshreshth for getting his project funded through RCS program

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Congratulations to Dr. Arun Kulshreshth for getting funding in the amount of $161K from Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund (BoRSF) through Research Competitiveness Subprogram (RCS). The title of the project is "Classifying Student Distraction Level in Educational Virtual Reality". This project aims to design machine learning techniques to detect distracted students in a Virtual Reality (VR) based class. In a real classroom, teachers have a sense of the audience’s engagement and actions from cues such as body movements, eye gaze, and facial expressions. This awareness is significantly reduced in a VR environment because a teacher cannot see students directly. The proposed system will detect the distraction level of students in the educational VR environment using machine learning techniques applied to physiological sensor data (e.g., eye gaze, EEG, heart rate, etc.) collected from each student. The system would automatically filter students based on attention level and show a list of students who may need extra consideration, allowing a teacher to help these students.