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CMIX Received Educational Grant for VR-assisted Cybersecurity Education

Congratulations to Dr. Xiali (Sharon) Hei (PI) and Dr. Sonya H.Y. Hsu (co-PI) for receiving an educational grant in the amount of $116,101 from the Louisiana Board of Regents. The title of the project is "LCTI: Development of two VR-assisted low-cost online courses leading to security certificates" and it aims to bridge the students to the industry in cybersecurity. This program will create online certification preperation courses and workshops to to train students in the area of cybersecurity. The program will build an interactive virtual lab environment in the context of Industrial Control System (ICS) security for all Louisiana college-level students. Due to COVID, many students need to attend classes at home, while the ICS test platform is complex and non-movable. The program will design VR-assisted lab/sessions and a virtual-TA box for the students to learn the ICS background. The duration of this grant is two years starting June, 1, 2021.