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Congratulations to CMIX Faculty involved in a new NSF grant worth $2.7 Million

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will receive a five-year, $ 2.7 million award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be part of a newly established Louisiana Materials Design Alliance (LAMDA). LAMDA's goal is to transform research and education in advanced manufacturing and materials throughout the State. Six universities, including UL Lafayette, Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, Southern University, and Tulane University are involved in the project. LAMDA researchers will use machine learning to guide the design of new alloys and polymers specifically for additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, such that the manufactured products satisfy the desired mechanical requirements, such as strength and fatigue life.

Dr. Miao Jin, associate professor of CMIX, is the leader of the 6-member UL Lafayette team, including Dr. Henry Chu, Dr. Xiali Hei, Dr. Ahmed Khattab, Dr. Xiao-Dong Zhou, and Dr. Jonathan Raush. The 3 researchers of the team from CMIX, Drs. Jin, Chu, and Hei, will apply data analysis and machine learning techniques to understand the complex links among composition-processing-structure-properties relationships and identify the ideal alloys and polymers for enhanced mechanical performance such as fatigue performance.